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5 Time-Savers of the New YouTube Channel Design

The old YouTube Channels are now a thing of the past. Their have been many attempts from what I like to call "Old Channel Loyalists" to get YouTube to stop the design from changing on July 15th but so far, YouTube has completely ignored the mass upload of hate videos, consistent 1-staring and negative comments on any videos relating to the new "beta channels". As a YouTube channel designer, I'm forced to work with what YouTube is dishing out, as a result, I have come under fire more than once by old channel loyalists. From a designer standpoint, i think there is only so much uproar about this because average users don't know what is good design and to put it simply, they are afraid of change.

Watch this quick video :

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1. Upgrade the the New YouTube Channel Design

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The ULTIMATE Easy Video Suite REVIEW

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The 6 MAJOR Features of EVS

1:39 Record/Edit Your Videos

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4:43 Insane Player Customization

6:43 The Timeline Comes to Life

8:47 Create Custom Web Pages

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Add Video to Your Website - Here Are Some Easy Tips to Add Video to Your Website

If you want to add video to your website then there are a few simple steps you need to do. It isn't very complicated at all. Adding video to your website can make your site more enjoyable for your viewers.

It's a great idea to add video to your website because it adds a new depth to your site. Viewers like to watch videos if they are interesting and provide good content. Be sure any videos you have on your site are interesting and give valuable content.

Want to learn about adding text to video? Watch this video then, silly!

YouTube Marketing with James Wedmore:

In this video, James shows you how to add fancy text and graphics to all your future videos to improve the quality and engagement! If you want to have a GREAT YouTube Marketing Strategy, you need GREAT Videos! Plain and Simple!

Here are the Video Marketing Resources mentioned:




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White Backdrop for Your Videos

ULTIMATE White Backdrop Setup Tutorial:

For the best White Backdrop Effect in your videos, you'll need TWO Lights on your Backdrop, and IDEALLY three lights on your subject. 

I use Cowboy Lighting (Flourescent Lights) to create the White Backdrop for all of my videos, and in this simple tutorial, I show you how I did the same for Amy Porterfield. 

The links are below...

Collapsable White Backdrop (5'x7')

Cowboy Lighting Kit:

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Easy Video Suite REVIEW

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In this video, I walk you through a simple tutorial of a "Video Makeover" with the new Easy Video Suite!

Resource from the Video:

The YouTube Traffic Report:

About Easy Video Suite:

Video Marketing Software designed by Marketers, that allows you to:

*Record & Edit Videos
*Upload & create Custom Players
*Limitless options for Video Customizations
*Insane Tracking and Analytic Data
*Intuitive Social Sharing Functions
...and more!!

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5 Incredible Tips on Creating Powerful and Engaging YouTube Videos

It's not too hard to get a person's attention online. But keeping their attention is different. When you post YouTube videos for your business, you can get people to click and start watching without much effort. However, if your videos are not engaging then you won't hold the viewer's attention for long. The longer a person watches your videos, the higher the video ranking will be. This is why it is important for you to create more engaging videos.
If you want to boost your average minutes watched metrics, here are tips for creating videos with better engagement and raising your YouTube rank.
Watch this video quickly : 

Even the most engaging videos can be overlooked if you don't give them the right headlines. Spend time researching the most valuable keywords for your business and include them in your video titles and tags. This will make it easier for people who will benefit the most from your videos to find them when they do a search. Use Google's keyword tool to find the best keywords. Look for the ones with at least 10,000 monthly searches and are considered "low competition."